Changes in Cigarette Laws, May 2020

As many of you may have heard, there is a ban coming up on stopping the production and sales of any pre-made menthol cigarettes and menthol hand-rolling tobacco. The ban stems from new EU Tobacco Product Directive laws, which outlaw’s menthol cigarettes, these laws came into place officially in EU countries on May 20, 2016. This ban is taking place in the hope to stop younger people taking up the habit of smoking as it’s believed menthol makes cigarettes easier to smoke for people just starting as it has a characterising flavour and is easier on the airways. 

This ban is part of a four-year phasing-out period put in place to try and stop younger people from smoking. As you may know in May 2017 small pouches (under 30g) of rolling tobacco and 10 decks were banned from the shelves and no longer allowed to be sold to customers. This is all part of the government's plan to phase out smoking that has already been implemented. 

Marlboro, the famous cigarette brand owned by Phillip Morris, recently has appealed against these changes to the European Court of Justice but was not successful and the ruling was overturned. Amanda Sandford of ASH (Action on smoking and health) said “The increasing price of cigarettes and stopping the sale of smaller packets have made smoking less appealing.” She also claimed that banning menthol cigarettes could stop younger people from smoking, saying: "It is naturally hard to inhale smoke and for many the first time they smoke it is repugnant, but people persevere with it and that's when they become addicted.” 

In order to gauge public opinion on the use of menthol smoking products (in the US), the US National Center for Biotechnology Information surveyed 2,649 never, former and current smokers. The results showed that 28.2% of people would oppose a ban, 20% would support a ban and 51.9% had no strong opinion on the matter. Interestingly, 40% of menthol smokers said they would quit if menthol was no longer available demonstrating the importance of menthol products to consumers that purchase these products. Whilst it isn't clear how a ban would impact younger people starting to smoke, menthol evidently is a popular product that is anecdotally known to ease smoking.

Now you're probably wondering how this affects you? Unfortunately for all you menthol lovers, we won't be able to stock our Alluvé green cigarettes or our menthol rolling tobacco from May onwards. However, you are more than welcome to bulk buy these products and stock up until May 20th, we know some of you have already! However we do still offer flavoured pipe tobacco which won’t be part of the ban, for all of you pipe smoking lovers. Our flavoured filter tips and flavoured rolling tubes will still be okay to purchase for now as they do not contain any tobacco and therefore aren’t classed as cigarettes or flavoured hand rolling tobacco. We aim to adapt and change to the market environment whilst still supplying products our loyal customers want.   

After May 2020 we won’t be able to buy anymore of the stock that doesn’t comply with the new law. However, we will still be able to sell our existing stock until it is gone. 

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