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How To Roll a Cigarette Like a Pro

I remember when I rolled my first cigarette, and let me tell you it wasn’t pretty. It took a lot of practice to master the game but as lo...

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Which Pipe Tobacco Is The Best? Our UK Pipe Tobacco Brands

At Bull Brand, we offer a range of pipe tobaccos for pipe smoking, all of exceptional quality from around the world. (Don’t believe us, c...

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The Best Rolling Papers To Buy Online In The UK

Here at Bull Brand, we have quite the range of rolling papers, we’re pretty sure we’ve got a solution no matter on your preference! A...

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How Much Is Hand Rolling Tobacco In The UK?

Hand rolling tobacco has always been perceived as a cheaper alternative to purchasing pre-rolled cigarettes, also known as straights. How...

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How To Use A Tobacco Pipe

Hand rolling and 'straight' cigarettes are the defacto choice for most smokers nowadays. However in the past, pipe smoking used to be the...

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What is Shag tobacco?

The tobacco smoking world is full of terminology which can be confusing. Super Slim, Volume tobacco and Shag tobacco to name a few. Witho...

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History of rolling papers

It's believed that the oldest rolling paper producing company started off in Spain around 1703, known as Pay-Pay. Earlier than that, a m...

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E-Liquids PG and VG: What is it?

What is the PG and VG values in E-Liquid is a question we get asked here at Bull Brand. As with many new-fangled things, E-Liquids can be...

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Why is E-Liquid and Vaping popular

Tobacco smoking has been around for centuries, from pipes to 'rollies' there are many ways to consume tobacco and to obtain the nicotine ...

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