Bull Brand Metal Lighter

Bull Brand Metal Lighter

The Bull Brand Metal Lighter is a unique and striking design, the brushed outer metal casing is durable but stylish; due to the ergonomic design it fits perfectly in the hand.

The ignition button on the side is perfectly placed to allow immediate lighting, gone are the awkward flicks of the wheel to spark up the flint, the Bull Brand Metal Lighter does it all for you with the simple press of a button. Whilst the button is easy to use it is sufficiently heavy to stop small children igniting the lighter, the large size of the button does make it easier for those with limited movement in the hand to light up the lighter.

The lighter is refillable, utilising the Bull Brand Universal Lighter Fluid, whilst the flame can easily be adjusted at the base by a simple turn of a screw. As with all Bull Brand products you'll find this lighter is well made and well priced, it's also been specifically designed to work well with all Bull Brand products and accessories. 

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