Hazy Dayz Blue Raspberry Sub-Ohm E-Liquid 6mg

Take yourself back to the days of blue raspberry ice-pops and iced slushie drinks with the Hazy Dayz Blue Raspberry Sub-Ohm E-Liquid. This sweet little E-Liquid is predominantly raspberry flavoured, as you’d expect; however we’ve enhanced the flavour notes with touches of sweet blueberry to give a depth and richness to this E-Liquid. We’re sure you love it; it’s our secret favourite here at Bull Brand, one that we keep coming back to time after time.

We’ve created this blend to provide the perfect mix of flavour and vape cloud. With that in mind we’ve mixed the VG/ PG to a 70%VG and 30%PG ratio to give you the best tasting experience possible.



Bottle Size:
E-Liquid Type:
Sub-Ohm 70%VG 30%PG
Nicotine Content:
6mg (240mcg/ puff)