We've developed our own range of unique E-Liquid flavours made right here in the U.K. for you to enjoy.  Within the Bull Brand collection we have two ranges; Hazy Dayz and Happy Days.

The Hazy Dayz E-Liquids are designed for the more powerful Sub-Ohm vaping pipes. We've blended these E-Liquids to balance the VG and PG levels to ensure you get great flavour profiles when inhaled but also the liquid creates a huge cloud of vapour.

Our other range is formed by the Happy Days brand, this has replaced our original Bull Brand range of E-Liquids. These liquids are designed for the smaller vape pipes, the 'vaping pens'. 

We've developed both ranges with industry experts and users, ensuring our brands meet the needs of todays vapers. We've worked to create flavours which we love and hope you will too; the range will be expanding and if you have a suggestion for flavours get in touch! 

Need some help or advice whilst shopping? Don't worry we're here to help, drop us an email: shop@bullbrand.co.uk, need help now? Call the office on 01535 654400, we're available between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. 


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