Sioux Pipe Tobacco 50g

Sioux Pipe Tobacco 50g

Introducing Sioux Tobacco, a reduced moisture volume pipe tobacco, that, like the famous Manitou tobacco it is also additive free. With a bold native American logo you're certainly getting a bold flavour rich tobacco with a more rougher cut than hand rolling tobacco it is a 'shag' style tobacco. What is unusual about Sioux Tobacco, a bit like our Ashford tobacco (that's for tubing), it is also a volume tobacco. This means that the tobacco uses a special “volume-boosting technology”. The end result? You use less per smoke and get better value for your money.

The tobacco is also quite dry and benefits from the reintroduction of moisture. We'd recommend the use of a Hydrostone in order to achieve this. Cheap and easy to use, the Hydrostones are available from here.



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