Rolling Papers

Bull Brand has built it's name on rolling papers, from green to pink we have it all. We make our papers to a high specification, for instance we use a natural Arabic gum to help stick the papers together. Our range of papers has various different paper weights and burn rates, we've specially developed our range in this way to cater for the individual, everyone has different tastes and preferences. From a slow burning paper which will go out when not being smoked to an extra slim fine paper which is ideal for accommodating micro filter tips, we have it.  We also don't just stock Bull Brand, you will find a full range of Gizeh and Mascotte papers sitting alongside the Bull Brand range.

We have also just released our range of pure papers, these are certified organic and are made from hemp, these papers are complimented by the Gizeh and Mascotte range of organic papers too. 

Can't decide on which rolling paper or need advice whilst shopping? Don't worry we're here to help, drop us an email:, need help now? Call the office on 01535 654400, we're available between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.