We've launched our customer loyalty club here at Bull Brand.

How does it work you ask?
It's really simple and best of all you don't even have to spend a penny to start accumulating points! There are three ways to earn points:
The secret to most reward schemes is knowing what you get for your points, so we've kept that simple too:
  • 500 points = 5% off voucher
  • 1000 points = £5 discount
  • 1800 points = £10 discount

How to get started? Easy, on your screen you'll see a red tab that reads 'Join our loyalty plan. Click this and follow the steps.

Added bonus:
If you can refer a friend you'll get a discount code and your friend will receive a 5% off discount code!
What's included:
The easy answer is that most products are included. Unfortunately the one thing we can't include is tobacco, therefore any tobacco products are excluded from receiving discounts. So you'll be able to collect points against any products, however when you redeem any of these points your discount won't be applied to any tobacco products. 
If required the full terms and conditions can be accessed here.