Our Loyalty Scheme Is Changing

Over many months now we have been listening to your feedback and can see that the scheme has caused some confusion and frustration with many of our customers particularly those who only buy Tobacco products and Cigarettes.

Due to UK laws, Bull Brand ‘Cannot and Does’ not provide discounts or coupons for any Tobacco products that we sell (discounts can only be redeemed on Smokers Accessories). The regulations governing this is the Tobacco Advertising & Promotion Act 2002.

Following a review, we have decided to phase out our Loyalty Scheme.

On January 17th 2022 we closed the scheme to new members.

We have notified customers by posting on Facebook and Instagram, emailing email subscribers, and existing members by email.

Bull Brand will however continue to be the most cost-competitive provider for the type of products that we sell.  We pride ourselves on selling our Tobacco Products and Cigarettes at the Recommended Retail Prices (RRP) whereas we know others are charging much more.

Existing members

For our existing members of the Loyalty Scheme. 

From the 1st February you will be unable to collect any additional points on your purchases.

You can still however continue to redeem your points against tobacco accessories like Rolling Papers or Filter Tips right through until the end of April 2022.

We hope that this will provide you with enough time to redeem your points. 

To help you we have also simplified the scheme so that every 200 points you have is now worth £1 and can be redeemed in multiples of 200 points / £1 with no minimum points spend level.

We would like to thank for you being a part of the Loyalty Scheme, we will continue to update you over the coming weeks as the scheme is eventually phased out and will have further updates and announcements regarding any new benefits we are introducing.


How to sign in?

 Easy, on your screen, you'll see a red tab that reads 'Sign in to our loyalty plan’

How to redeem points?

It's quite simple, over time you'll build up points. You will receive email updates with your points as you spend. Once you hit a points threshold you will receive an email notifying you that you've accumulated a certain amount of points. You can ignore this email if you wish to continue collecting points or alternatively you can redeem your points. The email will contain a link to redeem your points which will generate a relevant discount code that relates to your collected points. The system will email you a code which can be used when you next wish to shop. 

The discount code can then be input into a discount box in the checkout process just before you input your payment details. 

What's included?

You'll be able to collect points against any products on our website. 

If required the full terms and conditions can be accessed here.