We've launched our customer loyalty club here at Bull Brand.

How does it work you ask?
It's really simple and best of all you don't even have to spend a penny to start accumulating points! There are three ways to earn points:
The secret to most reward schemes is knowing what you get for your points, so we've kept that simple too:
  • 500 points = 5% off voucher
  • 1000 points = £5 discount
  • 1800 points = £10 discount

How to get started? Easy, on your screen, you'll see a red tab that reads 'Join our loyalty plan

Refer a Friend Offer:
If you can refer a friend you'll get a £5 discount code and your friend will receive a £5 off discount code!

How to redeem points
It's quite simple, over time you'll build up points. You will receive email updates with your points as you spend. Once you hit a points threshold you will receive an email notifying you that you've accumulated a certain amount of points. You can ignore this email if you wish to continue collecting points or alternatively you can redeem your points. The email will contain a link to redeem your points which will generate a relevant discount code that relates to your collected points. The system will email you a code which can be used when you next wish to shop. 

The discount code can then be input into a discount box in the checkout process just before you input your payment details. 

What's included:
You'll be able to collect points against any products except cigarettes and tobacco which we are not able to discount. 

If required the full terms and conditions can be accessed here.