CBD Vape Mixed Berry Flavoured CBD E-Liquid

CBD Vape Mixed Berry Flavoured CBD E-Liquid

Enjoy a 100mg CBD vaping product blended with the fruity tones of berries from Bull Brand. We use Supercritical CO2 Extraction to produce the purest CBD oils from the Sativa hemp plant to use in our CBD E-Liquids. Additionally, we source from responsible producers who we partner with to ensure the quality of our product. CBD has been linked to many health benefits supported by multiple medical studies. Produced and bottled here in the UK at the Bull Brand facility, we've created a CBD E-Liquid at a price which is easy on the wallet compared to many of our competitor brands.  CBD Vape products are nicotine and THC free.
Please note Bull Brand makes no health claims associated with this product. 



CBD Content:
Flavour Style:
Mixed Berry
Hemp Variety: