Welcome to Bull Brand

Bull Brand started out in 2004 with the mission to bring the finest tobacco and smoking accessories from across the world to the UK. On Bull Brand.co.uk you can find our entire range of products which we ship direct to your door. From filter tips to E-Lquids you'll find it here; we don't just stock our own products either you will also find a large range of Gizeh and Mascotte papers and filters on the site.

The perfect roll

For the Perfect Roll, Grab a pack of Bull Brand filter tips, rolling papers and your tobacco of choice.

Pull out a paper with the gum strip at the top facing you.

Create a trough in the center of the paper by folding it slightly.

Drop in a filter at one end and sprinkle your tobacco in.

Roll the paper between your thumb and forefinger, as you get to the top lick the gum strip to make it stick.

Light up and enjoy.