Passing Clouds

Say hello to Passing Clouds E-Liquid, our new sub-premium E-Liquid. Designed, developed and produced at Bull Brand in Yorkshire, this unique E-Liquid is perfect for those vapers who like to experience full flavoured E-Liquids and don't want to break the bank. Unlike many competitors E-Liquids at this price-point, our E-Liquids include 14% flavour content. Often you'd expect to find only 7%, by doubling the flavour profile you get to enjoy a fantastic taste experience.

We've also released Passing Clouds in two Nicotine strengths, 6mg and 12mg. The 6mg is ideal for those who prefer a lighter nicotine hit, while the 12mg is suited to those moving away from traditional cigarettes or simply enjoy a stronger throat hit. Passing Clouds is available in four flavours, specially developed using natural flavourings, we think you'll love them. The range includes Classic Tobacco, Eisberg Blue (mixed berries and menthol), Extreme Berry and finally, Menthol. We've also released a Clearomiser with the range of E-Liquids, this disposable unit is designed to fit most Vape pens and is easy to top up, fit and install.