Passing Clouds Classic Tobacco E-Liquid 6mg

Passing Clouds is Bull Brand's new sub-premium range of E-Liquids; love the flavour of tobacco and don't want to smoke? Well, this E-Liquid is the one for you. Delivered at a price that's easy on the pocket, you can rest assured there has been no reduction in quality, in fact, we're confident it beats the competition.

Created using natural flavourings we've blended this E-Liquid specifically for vapers who like taste their vape. The E-Liquid has a 14% concentration of flavourings, compare this to the 7% in many similar priced E-Liquids. Why wait, give it a try, and you'll see why we're sure you'll love Passing Clouds Classic Tobacco E-Liquid. This 6mg variant is ideal for those who want a lighter throat hit from the nicotine.

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