Bull Brand Red and Green Rolling Papers

All about Rolling Papers from Bull Brand

Rolling a cigarette is an age-old past time, everyone has their favourite combination of elements to create their smoke. The one item that combines all the constituent parts of a cigarette is the paper. Rolling papers appear quite simple. However, there is a huge array of papers to choose from, each type and style unique and designed to provide a particular experience to the smoker. In this blog, we've broken down the detail of rolling papers.

Rolling Papers, what are they?

Rolling papers are incredibly thin paper that is used for smoking tobacco. They are the preferred method for containing tobacco allowing people to smoke, the thin and flexible nature of rolling papers makes them easy to roll a cigarette. Most rolling papers have a thin strip of natural gum on one edge to allow the paper to stick when rolled. It's thought rolling papers originated in Spain. However, they are now used globally with Germany being a large manufacturing centre for rolling papers.

Rolling Paper Sizes:

Due to the different requirements and preferences of smokers, rolling papers are available in many different shapes and sizes.
Rolling papers are measured by length and width but also classified by paperweight known as GSM. Common sizes available are:
Extra Slim
King size

In regards to weight (GSM), papers commonly range from around 10GSM up to 20GSM. As paperweight gets smaller, papers tend to become more delicate and are often nearly transparent. Most smokers will use a rolling paper around 18GSM; Bull Brand's best selling paper, Green Cut Corners, uses a paper at 18GSM.

What are Rolling papers made of?

Early rolling papers for cigarettes were produced using wood-pulp, now cleaner burning materials are used in paper production which also gives manufacturers the possibility of creating new and different products. It's common to find rice, hemp and cellulous fibres in the paper, all of these materials can be combined to give paper products specific features.

On the long edge of the one side of the paper (usually the inside of the fold on the rolling paper), you will find a gum strip. This gum strip is used to stick the edges of the paper together when rolled. Made using the natural gum produced by the Acacia tree, this simple strip is key to helping the rolling paper function as desired.

Organic Rolling Papers

Some rolling papers are made using hemp, some companies (such as Bull Brand) produce organically certified papers. Not only are these papers better for the environment during production, when disposing of these papers you can rest assured that they will easily bio-degrade.

Rolling Papers - different weights

The weight of the paper can impact on the smoking experience. Heavier papers tend to burn steadily and work well with traditional rolling tobacco. However, they do impart an extra flavour to the smoke. Some smokers do not mind this as they feel it impinges on the taste created by their tobacco. In this case, lighter papers would be recommended, using papers weighted around 12-14GSM will reduce the amount of flavour while still providing the user with a robust paper. Additionally, there are flavoured papers, at Bull Brand the Liquorice papers are extremely popular as smokers enjoy the blend of woody, sweet flavours combined with tobacco.

Rolling papers are a little more complex than you may have originally thought, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We sell all our papers individually to allow customers to try a variety of rolling papers to find out what works for them. So much of smoking is about finding a combination of rolling papers, tobacco and filter tips that work for you.