Alluvé Green Cigarettes Back In Stock

Alluvé Green Cigarettes Back In Stock

Alluvé Green Cigarettes are a firm favourite of Bull Brand customers who shop with us online. We've been really surprised that the popularity of these cigarettes over the last year or so. That's why during the summer period we ran low on stock we received a flood of emails and calls asking why Alluvé Green Slim Cigarettes were unavailable. 

The reason for the hiccup in supply boils down to the recent introduction of the EU traceability and security regulations that now are imposed on tobacco products. While Bull Brand has been ahead of the game in preparing for these new regulations, the new laws affect the whole supply chain from manufacturer to retailer meaning that others who have not been ready have caused knock-on delays for importers and retailers like Bill Brand. 

What are Alluvé Green Slim Cigarettes?

Previously known as Allure Green Slim Cigarettes these cigarettes underwent a rebrand back in mid-2018 to Alluvé Green Slim Cigarettes. With the plain packaging regulations, this really meant little to the customer. Internally the product remained the same. 

The product itself is roughly half the diameter of a traditional straight cigarette, hence the use of 'slim' in the title. The idea behind the slim smoke is a continental one, a slim smoke is quicker and thus you can smoke a whole cigarette on the go, rather than wasting half of a traditional sized straight. 

As the name suggests there is something else about Alluvé Green Cigarettes to consider. That is the 'Green' element, it's quite simple really, this relates to the menthol flavour infused within the smoke. A fresh cool menthol flavour is applied to this cigarette to compliment the tobacco flavour.

Available in packs of 20 cigarettes the Alluvé Green Cigarettes are supplied in a slimed-down version of a traditional 20-pack meaning they slip into a pocket or bag effortlessly. If you'd like to give Alluvé a go, we're now fully stocked up on and at £8.90 a pack and with a 4.5 star rating we're sure you'll appreciate these too. Click here to shop.