Bull Brand and the First World War Centenary

Bull Brand and the First World War Centenary

At 11am on 11th Novemeber 2018 the striking of the hour will mark 100 years since the end of the First World War. Here at Bull Brand, we're determined to mark the event to pay our respects to all the men and women who fought in the cataclysm that was the war to end all wars. 

Over the next week leading up to the 11th of November, we will be not posting on social media about our products or our day to day chit-chat as a way of paying our respects.

Instead, we will have content based around the war, designed to expand reader's understanding of the impact on our world. We'd also like to hear your stories of family members so feel free to share personal stories as comments on our social channels. 

Additionally, we will be donating to the Royal Legion and Help for Heroes the sum of £1,039, split evenly. That figure may appear to be a random amount, however, it is quite a poignant one. Whilst researching local regiments made up of men from in and around the Bull Brand HQ area, we were struck by the number of casualties that the Bradford Pals (The Prince of Wales Own West Yorkshire Regiment) suffered on the first two days of the Somme in 1916. You've guessed it, they lost 1,039 men. The regiment was made up of around 2,000 meaning that over half their number was injured or killed during the first two days.

It's difficult to comprehend the destruction and the scale of the battles so we hope that by suspending our usual activity we can do something small to honour their memory. As well as giving to causes which help to keep the memory alive and support current and ex-service personnel. 

We hope you join us to remember and also find some value in the content. We'd love to hear from your on the topic so feel free to get in touch via social or email.