Bull Brand Tobacco Tins

When it comes to smoking, it's fair to say that you need to carry a few items with you. If you are a pipe tobacco smoker or a roll your own smoker at a minimum you need to carry with you is papers or a pipe, filter tips, tobacco and a lighter. All this adds up, making pockets bulky and full, sometimes becoming a bit awkward! The ladies amongst us might have a handy bag with oodles of room to house these items but us blokes tend to make do with the storage space in a standard pair of trousers. Throw into the mix a wallet, keys and a phone and space is fast running out! 

Our forebears, weren't too dissimilar, the world has moved along a lot since the time of our grandparents and their parents but ultimately, we still need the same items to smoke and if anything we wear clothes with fewer pockets. Back in the day, the tobacco tin was a favourite item to store all the necessary smoking items in. Roughly half the size of a standard smartphone, these little tins were perfect for all the bits and pieces that a smoker required. Plenty of rolling or pipe tobacco can be held, more than enough to keep a smoker in 'lights' for a day out and about. 

We've always had the Bull Brand Tobacco tin stocked here at Bull Brand online. Matte black with the Bull Brand 'beast' embossed on the lid, it's been a firm favourite of our customers. Selling well, this sturdy tin has served many a customer for year after year. thing we know at Bull Brand is that our customers like a choice. That's way we've just launched our new pink and blue tobacco tins. If you're a pipe or roll your own smoker in the UK and like something a bit different, we've got just the thing for you. Just like the black version of the tin, the blue and pink variants have the 'beast' embossed on the lid and are made from the same sturdy metal construction. So what are you waiting for...get yours now from Click here

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