Bull Brand UK Made E-Liquids

Bull Brand UK Made E-Liquids

Bull Brand has a long history of supplying quality smoking accessories and tobacco to the UK market. It comes as no surprise that with the advent of E-Liquids and electronic cigarettes that we made the move into this new segment back in the late 2000s. Initially, we sourced and supplied e-cigarettes, but this soon expanded to E-Liquids. It quickly became apparent that we needed to create our own range of UK produced E-Liquids that our customers were demanding.

Roll forward a few years and we'd installed our very own production facility in our head office. Whilst we knew the product and the market well, we knew we needed expert support in order to maximise our shiny new machines. With that in mind, we went hunting for the best and brightest E-Liquid minds in the UK. Drafting in these specialists we soon were able to produce a wide range of E-Liquids that we knew we could stand behind. 

Within the E-Liquid market, there are different drivers and mechanisms that create demand for different products. Whether the variation in products is price, size or strength we identified that we needed to occupy these segments to ensure our customer's needs were met. Having our own production facility meant that we could quickly prototype and test new products ensuring the final selling price never dictated the quality. All this research and work has resulted in Bull Brand having multiple E-Liquids Brands:

- Happy Days - One of our flagship ranges the Happy Days E-Liquid is immensely popular. We have all the classic flavours available in 18mg, so a perfect vape for those that are moving away from cigarettes. 

- Hazy Dayz - Our Sub-Ohm Vaping E-Liquid, specifically designed to create those large clouds of vapour. Available in 3mg or 6mg nicotine strengths in some exciting flavours that will certainly get the tastebuds going.  

- Passing Clouds - A newer product range to the Bull Brand herd. There are 6mg 12mg versions of each flavour meaning vapers have the option as to the amount of nicotine in their vape. It is a range full of great classic flavours. 

- Vapin - Our best value E-Liquid, available in either single bottles for £1.50 or a pack of 10 for £14. A 6mg E-Liquid this is designed to be an everyday vape based around popular flavours we know our customers will love. 

- CBD Vape - Possibly the most unique range, in that they contain the much talked about CBD additive, with no nicotine content, these E-Liquids are available in menthol, berry and unflavoured mixer variants.

There's certainly a different E-Liquid available to buy for every type of vaper, as with all Bull Brand products you can rest assured that you'll be buying the best quality E-Liquids at the best possible price. What's even better is that we sell every E-Liquid as a single 10ml bottle, meaning customers can mix and match to find their idea flavour. So if you've not converted to one of the Bull Brand E-Liquids, you're missing out, order online for quick delivery and you'll be wondering why you'd not switched sooner!