Capsule Tech: Capsule Insertion Demonstration

In May 2020 the sale of flavoured cigarettes was banned in the UK. However, many of our customers still wish to smoke a flavoured cigarette. However, without moving to roll your own, the choices are limited; until now. Capsule Tech has released an innovative product that allows you to effortlessly insert a crushable flavour capsule into your ready-made cigarette.

The steps to use the machine are as follows:

  1. Open the top cover of the injector, pour in enough capsules to fill the hopper
  2. Insert a cigarette filter into the hole at the bottom. if you are using slim tips you may need to fit the adaptor that is sited next to the hole on the underside. With a filter in place, pull down on the plunger to create a hole in the filter
  3. Using the capsule switch on the side of the device, slide a capsule into the injector channel, carefully then slide the plunger down to insert the capsule
  4. Remove the filter from the injector, crush the capsule between your thumb and forefinger, then light your smoke and enjoy.    



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