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CBD Oil E-Liquid: The Breakdown

What is CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD (its proper name is Cannabidiol) hemp oil is seeing a swift rise in awareness, popularity and use. It is essentially a natural botanical extract oil produced from hemp, the cannabis plant is made up of over 85 cannabinoids of which CBD and THC are the two main chemicals with THC being the most prevalent. THC is the psychoactive chemical which gives off the high when consumed. However, in the hemp plant, there are only traces of THC and CBD is more prevalent. CBD doesn't cause a high and has some health benefits.

With modern extraction techniques and development of hemp species that have ever-increasing quantities of CBD, it has been possible to create products that harness the power of CBD hemp oil. 

What are the effects of CBD?

Due to the highly publicised benefits of CBD oil from the natural products industry, it's becoming increasingly popular. It is a non-toxic chemical that is considered to be safe for human consumption, even in large quantities. CBD oil interacts with the body via the endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS). This system regulates the general state of balance in the body impacting on things such as sleep, appetite, mood, the immune system, hormones and pain. Due to illness and the environment which we live in our normal balance can be affected however the ECS helps by balancing our bodies response. Therefore by interacting with this system, you can avoid your body reacting to something, for example, pain. 

CBD oil will not get you high, as referenced there is no or tiny traces of THC which cause the feeling of euphoria. Therefore user's sensory awareness, consciousness or perception of reality will not be altered.

CBD Oil the Health Benefits

With CBD's impact on the ECS, it has been found in thousands of medical studies that CBD hemp oil can help with various numerous conditions such as epilepsy, chronic pain, cancer and even anxiety. 

There have also been many studies to understand any side effects, some reports mention dry mouth, lowered blood pressure and feeling sleepy.  If you'd like more information on the safety of CBD hemp oil please read this article

CBD Oil and the Law

CBD hemp oil can be purchased on the high street or online in the UK. Purely based on the fact that the psychoactive substance THC is not present, the authorities do not consider it a controlled substance. However, the production is tightly regulated and many licenses are required to ensure that the CBD oil is produced to the correct chemical standard. 

How to 'take' CBD hemp oil

There are a number of ways to consume CBD, firstly you can purchase the pure oil. This is the most 'potent' way of administering the oil, these are often dropped on the tongue or consumed with a drink. 

Like a vitamin, CBD oil can be encapsulated into a pill to allow ease of consumption. These tend to be a lower strength but as a delivery method work well for most consumers as it fits into their daily routine. However not all CBD products are ingested, creams and rubs are another method of receiving the benefits of the oil. By rubbing directly onto the skin these balms can be directly applied to a troubled area. 

Finally, E-Liquids for vaping are another way to consume CBD oils. Blended with various flavours these CBD E-Liquids can be supplied in different strengths and even mixed with nicotine or nicotine free E-Liquids. This provides a flexible and easy way to consume the E-Liquid. 

At Bull Brand we're bringing you E-Liquids, these will be hitting our store soon. Stay posted for future updated in our CBD oil series of blog posts.