CBD Products: Sativa Hemp Plant

CBD Products: Sativa Hemp Plant

At Bull Brand, we've recently launched our range of CBD E-Liquids. Specially developed by our team we've brought this traditionally expensive product to market at a mere £6.00 for a 10ml E-Liquid! How good is that? We've had some great feedback from customers, for instance 'John' said this about our CBD oil products:
"After looking at some stupid prices this (CBD) is the best price, all I've done is buy an empty 30ml bottle, added two of my normal liquids and one CBD and there you go, does the job."

So you see a lot of love. However, we've not skipped anything in the production of our products. We use the most expensive CBD extraction method to create pure CBD isolate, and we correctly blend our premium E-Liquid carriers with the CBD isolate. But ultimately we're only as good as our raw material, and with CBD you're working with a plant so at Bull Brand we start with the finest quality hemp plant.


Introducing the Sativa variety of hemp

Indigenous to eastern Asia this herbaceous flowering plant is now widely grown in a variety of locations. The plant has a wide range of uses; fibres can be used to create clothing and accessories while the seeds can be used for food, oil and compounds found in the plant can be used medicinally, spiritually and also for religious purposes. In India, it has traditionally been used as a hallucinogenic, hypnotic, sedative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

We're naturally interested in the cannabinoids that are present, the THC less so because it is a controlled substance in the UK, however, it's naturally occurring in small amounts in the Sativa variety of the plant meaning that when processed we've got less to remove.

We've sourced our Sativa hemp plants from the US; our hand-selected growers carefully cultivate the plants in contaminate free soil and grow the plants without the use of pesticides. All this sounds small, but in reality, it contributes to a purer plant which results in purer CBD products. Once we have extracted the CBD, we check all our CBD isolate with our in-house analyser and also verify this with a university laboratory. All of this effort helps us create a product which meets our customer's need and that we can stand by. So if you're into vaping and you're yet to try a CBD product, give it a try!