Christmas, Delivery, Rolling Papers, Tobacco and Mince Pies at Bull Brand

Christmas, Delivery, Rolling Papers, Tobacco and Mince Pies at Bull Brand

That's right, the Christmas season is upon us all. Here at Bull Brand we're looking forward to a break but we've also been looking back on the past year. Through 2018 we've sold more rolling papers, tobacco, filter tips as well as other smoking accessories direct to customers than ever before. We've peddled hard to ensure our website and customer service is up to scratch. Importantly we've upgraded our delivery service here at Bull Brand. We've been working with the Royal Mail and invested in hardware and processes to ensure we can pick, pack and ship your orders quicker than ever before. Whilst this new approach makes our lives easier, we can pass the time (and cost) savings onto our customers. 

So why has 2018 been so busy?

It's all down to our fantastic customers purchasing increasing amounts of rolling papers, tobacco, filter tips and accessories. To give you an idea of the scale we've pulled out some stats from our analytics system:

- 59% of you visit our site using your mobile phones

- We've had over 250,000 visits to the site

- 38% of customers visit each month

- In 2018 we've had over 9,200 orders

- Our top three selling products are: Bayside Shag Tobacco, Ashford Tobacco, Bull Brand Green Cut Corner Rolling papers

We've been amazed at the sheer number of orders this year, we hope that this isn't the peak, moreover that this is just the ascent of our store. We're continuing to invest in the e-commerce webshop to make it easier for our customers to view, find and buy the smoking accessories that they need. 

2019 already looks like it will hold some exciting developments for Bull Brand. We can't let you know what's happening just yet but we're sure you'll like these updates. There'll be new ranges, more great priced products, keep your eyes peeled on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and on the website. 

Whilst we're munching on the mince pies right now, we haven't stopped working yet, our last day for dispatch is the 21st December, as long as you order before then we'll get it out to your before Christmas. 

Merry Christmas from all here at Bull Brand and Thank You for your continued custom.