Tubing components

Cigarette Tubes: Make Your Own

We've got fat ones, thin ones, short ones, long ones, menthol ones, flavoured ones, Crushball ones, coloured ones, carbon ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, there's that many types of cigarette tube we're sure that we've got every style and taste covered here at Bull Brand. 

What is a Cigarette Tube?

Just like hand-rolling, make your own is the process of creating your own cigarette that looks just like a traditional straight from any other off the shelf ready to smoke cigarette brand. While make your own cigarettes look similar; the similarities stop there. Make your own or tubing lets the individual decide which tobacco they want to use and also the ability to save money on their smokes. Popular in Europe, the humble tube is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK for the ability to personalise the cigarette and save money. The best bit is that the process is super simple; all you need is a cigarette tube, a tube filling machine and some tobacco.


Tubing components


At Bull Brand, we stock a wide range of Cigarette Tubing lines from world-leading brands Gizeh and Mascotte. It doesn't stop there as we also stock lines from lesser-known brands such as Korona, MCT, Frutta, Golden Trip, Golden Tube and Kashmir.

To make sure you can make up the perfect tube, we also stock tubing machines to cover every style of tube we sell from Gizeh, Mascotte and Korona.

To complement our tubes we have a broad range of hand-rolling tobaccos; our own Ashford, Amsterdammer, Manitou and Turner as well as Amber Leaf, Sterling, Holborn and B&H. Ashford 50g Volume tobacco is a popular choice of tobacco for tubers as it offers a significant cost saving. The tobacco is 'blown' during production to increase the volume, meaning you use less per smoke; anywhere up to 50% less tobacco depending on your tubing style. Whilst available on Bull Brand, this product can also be found in-store at Asda.

Don't forget we also stock a comprehensive range of other tobaccos. In our Pipe tobacco range, we have Bayside Virginia and Mixed blends, Bayside Green (menthol), Sioux volume and Sauvage, both Sioux and Sauvage are additive-free Virginia blends of pipe tobacco.

If you're fed up of paying a fortune for the standard off the shelf packs, why not give 'make your own' a go, you never know you might not only save money but prefer it! We've got everything you need at Bull Brand ready to be shipped to your door.