E-Liquids: The Bull Brand Range

E-Liquids: The Bull Brand Range

Bull Brand have traditionally been a tobacco smoking supplier. We've built Bull Brand on providing Filter Tips, Tobacco, Rolling papers and other smoking sundries that the market demands at a price that our customers love. We work with the best producers around the world, some products such as tobacco we import, however, there are some that we create in-house. One product that we now make at Bull Brand HQ is our range of E-Liquids. 

Production facility

Back in 2017, we invested in our own blending and bottling plant to allow us to create E-Liquids without relying on third party suppliers. This would ensure that we could manage supply but also develop our own range of E-Liquids, research and development would be much easier - smaller test batches of E-Liquids could be trialled without incurring large costs from suppliers. This has allowed us to create a range of unique E-Liquids which suit the wide range of requirements that our customers have. In order to house a production facility, we installed a cleanroom in our warehouse to provide the ideal space and environment to produce E-Liquids.

Introducing the Bull Brand E-Liquid range

The Bull Brand range of E-Liquids aren't branded Bull Brand but are produced in-house by us. Our range includes the following products:

Hazy Dayz - Our slightly whacky brand that is made up of different and exciting flavours. With nicotine strengths ranging from 3mg to 6mg this slightly lower strength range is blended to have a PG and VG that works perfectly with Sub-Ohm pipes. 

Happy Days - Is our core vaping range, developed to have the classic flavours that any vaper expects to find. 18mg of nicotine deliver a stronger hit, these E-Liquids are ideal for those who have recently stepped away from cigarettes.  

Passing Clouds - One of our smaller ranges, the Passing Clouds E-Liquids has a core range of favourite flavours. 6mg and 12mg strengths give vapers a medium strength option blending great taste delivery with a nicotine strength that hits the spot. 

CBD Vape - A real unique product in our vaping range. This is our first cannabidiol (CBD) product, three flavours are within the range. Menthol, Mixed Berry and Mixer (designed to be blended with your favourite E-Liquid). All nicotine free, the 100mg of CBD will work with every vaping device. CBD is purported to have many benefits, so if you're looking to try it, our CBD E-Liquid is at a perfect price point - one which won't make your eyes water! 

Great value E-Liquids

With production in-house and the usual eye on value and quality, we're sure you'll find a vaping product within the Bull Brand range that you'll love. Click here to view the entire range.