Filter Tips: New Branding Available Online

Filter Tips: New Branding Available Online

As you can imagine, we have a big warehouse. In fact, a very big warehouse, inside you'll find all the products that we sell directly online to you and to our retail customers stacked up to the rafters.

Naturally, at some point, we have to manufacture more products in order to replenish stock we've sold. With some products we've recently got to this point, some of you will have noticed that some of the products you're seeing instore and in your online orders are changing slightly. The products themselves are actually remaining exactly the same, it's the branding and packaging that we've spent some time giving a fresh look. We've kept the iconic beast associated with the Bull Brand brand but have given him a fresh contemporary environment in order to strut his stuff. 

Out with the old

Our previous brand packaging had been out in the pasture for many years and was in need of a refresh. After much work, it became clear that we needed to simplify our creative, modernise it and make it easy for customers to identify what the product was, essentially add some consistency. We knew that customers shopped by the colours they associated with that particular product, for example within the filter's range, yellow refers to the slim filter product. Therefore we created a series of packaging concepts that follow a uniform style with a central dark blue core overlayed with the beast. We then identify the product, number of pieces (where relevant) and brand name with a flash of colour across the top, side or front of the packaging in order to help the customer identify the product quickly.

This approach developed the clearest contrast between products and is also helpful if customers were looking at products from a distance, for instance, if products were high up on a shelf instore.  

New Packaging Available

As mentioned at the start of this article, we've got lots of product in stock, so whilst we finished the branding project back in the first quarter of the year, it will be some time before you see all of the products on show available to buy. Some of the first products to receive the fresh new look at the Slim and Menthol filter tips. At the time of writing are just being launched on the online shop. So keep a keen eye out for the release of our updated packaging, we're sure you'll love the branding as much as we do. Whilst you wait, here's a sneak peak of what the range of products will look like.