History of Tobacco

History of Tobacco

Whether it's a pipe, tube or a 'rollie' all these items have one thing in common, tobacco. The various Bull Brand, Gizeh and Mascotte papers have been designed to smoke differently, some burn faster or slower than others whilst some are super fine give you an unadulterated flavour of the tobacco. Once you've chosen you filters and papers, the next decision is tobacco. At Bull Brand we stock a range of types and styles, from the Manitou Additive free pouches to the Ashford Make Your Own Volume tobacco (designed for the filter tube users) we have a tobacco for you.
With that in mind we've pulled together a quick history of tobacco for your reading pleasure. 


1000bc – The Mayan’s are believed to have smoked tobacco from a pipe as a religious ritual


1492 – Christopher Columbus was given tobacco leaves as a gift, which he discarded not understanding the value behind them.


1600 – Tobacco was now imported regularly to the UK. Sir Walter Raleigh gave the Queen a pipe, which allegedly made her believe she was poisoned.


1604 – James I set a trend which we still see to this day, he created the first tax on tobacco


1830 – The cigarette is created, originally known as the South American ‘papelate’. It fast became the most popular way to consume tobacco. 


1908 – The children’s act enforced a law for no sale to under 16’s which remained in place until 2007 when the age was lifted to 18!


1917 – Cigarettes became rations during the First World War, this was also repeated during World War II


1920 – Women’s demand for cigarettes increased with advertising companies portraying them as a glamorous and sophisticated accessory


1970 – Smoking bans on public transport and in cinemas were introduced


2004 – A ban on smoking indoors led to an increase in people crowding doorways outside clubs, creating a sub-club outdoor culture.