How much is a pouch of tobacco? And other questions answered by Bull Brand

How much is a pouch of tobacco? And other questions answered by Bull Brand

The price of tobacco is something we get asked a lot about at Bull Brand, so we’ve decided to put together a quick guide to help our customers out. We’ll answer the question of how much it costs in pouch form, the different smoking brands available and where they’re sold, and also touch on other smokers’ accessories such as filters and tips.

Let’s start by answering the all-important question of price when it comes to rolling tobacco pouches, before looking at other items such as filters, tips, and more.

How much is a pouch of tobacco?

The answer is – it depends. If you’re looking at a 30g pouch of rolling tobacco, say, Turner rolling tobacco for example, then you’re looking at a cost of around £15.11 in the UK. However, if you’re wanting to buy the same size pouch of rolling tobacco, but prefer Amber Leaf tobacco, then you’re looking at a cost of £17.65 for a 30g pouch of Amber Leaf rolling tobacco.

The cost rises depending on the brand and size of pouch, as you might expect, and you can pay up to £26.40 for 50g pouch of Golden Virginia Yellow.

You can view all of the hand rolling tobacco brands sold in the UK right here at Bull Brand, and you can also buy other smokers accessories such as rolling tips and filters online with Bull Brand.


Which loose tobacco is best?

This comes down to personal preference, although one of the most popular in the UK is definitely Amber Leaf Tobacco.

Amber Leaf has been a mainstay in British smoking culture for many years now, and it doesn’t look set to change any time soon. And while there are plenty of other brands available to buy at Bull Brand, Amber Leaf is definitely up there amongst the best and most respected brands when it comes to smoking in the UK.

Can you buy small pouches of tobacco?

The smallest pouch you can buy in the UK is 30g, and this applies to all rolling tobacco whether it’s Amber Leaf Rolling Tobacco, Golden Virginia Tobacco, Drum Tobacco, or anything other brand.

We also have a massive range of blended tobacco available to buy online coming in at the same size or more, with everything from Bayside Virgina Blend Pipe Tobacco to Auld Kendal Medium Blend Halfzware Fine Cut Hand Rolling Tobacco (30g Loose), and many other blended tobacco options.

Please note, however, that there is an age restriction when you visit the Bull Brand website, and this is the case with all relevant retailers in the UK. In short, you cannot be under the age of 18 to purchase any rolling tobacco, no matter the pouch size.

It’s not like groceries where there is no age limit, and whether it’s Amber Leaf rolling tobacco, Drum tobacco or any brand of cigarette, you need to be one of the many adult smokers in the UK, or at least an adult over the age of 18 years old, to make a purchase.

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