How Much Is Hand Rolling Tobacco In The UK?

How Much Is Hand Rolling Tobacco In The UK?

Hand rolling tobacco has always been perceived as a cheaper alternative to purchasing pre-rolled cigarettes, also known as straights. However, it doesn't just boil down to money when it comes to roll your own cigarettes. Hand rolling allows the user to choose a tobacco they like, alternate the length and 'girth' of the cigarette and choose the type of filters they like. Essentially hand-rolling gives the smoker the ultimate decision into every component of their smoke. 

In this age where everything is taxed to the hilt, whether it be petrol or tobacco it's fair to say we get hard hit in the UK. Economising is still important but people still value quality, at Bull Brand we have developed our range of tobacco's to ensure we can balance price and quality.  

How much should you spend on hand-rolling tobacco

There's no right or wrong answer here, it realistically boils down to what you like to smoke. Each tobacco is different, while the principles behind making any tobacco are broadly the same, like variances in the process can make an impact into the final product. At the top end of the range, some tobacco's are organic and have no preservatives added while at the lower end of the scale some shag tobaccos (designed for pipe smoking) are rougher cut and incur less taxation so are fundamentally cheaper. 

As previously mentioned, the beauty of hand rolling your smokes is that you get to choose your component parts. We often recommend trying a few different types if you're not happy with your current smoke. Most retailers stock a small range of tobaccos, so some smokers feel tied to those brands without realising that there are many other options out there for for flavour and impact on the wallet.  

How can I get the best value hand rolling tobaccos?

This is simple, shop at Bull Brand. We're a key importer for many brands that you'll find in UK supermarkets and highstreet retailers. Therefore we're able to offer these tobacco's at the best prices possible. We have 10 tobacco's in stock ranging from pipe tobacco to volume tobacco and everything in between. The best thing is that we'll deliver straight to your door meaning that you don't have to leave the house, even better, spend £40 or more and your shipping is completely free. 

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