How to use Nordic Spirit

How to use Nordic Spirit

Discreet and easy to use, Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches provide a tobacco-free, smoke-free nicotine experience that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time.


Nicotine pouches are the new way to enjoy nicotine. Nordic Spirit pouches deliver a more intense sensation that lasts up to an hour. So whether you’re out with friends, on the move or relaxing at home, Nordic Spirit nicotine provides a fresh and fruity, fuss-free nicotine experience.

How to use nordic Spirit 

What are snus?


Traditional snus is a powdered tobacco product packaged in a pouch. The difference between snus and nicotine pouches is that other than nicotine, no other compounds found in tobacco are in nicotine pouches. 


Experienced nicotine users will know that the tobacco-free Nordic Spirit pouch fits neatly in your mouth and has a longer shelf life than snus.


How to use Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches


Nordic Spirit pouches are small, white nicotine pouches that provide a steady delivery of nicotine. Each pack contains 20 nicotine pouches made from plant-based fibres. Berry citrus and crisp peppermint flavours to name a few, provide a new, intense sensation.


  1. Busy life? No problem! These discreet nicotine pouches come in a handy container that fits in your pocket and suits your active lifestyle. When you’re ready to enjoy Nordic Spirit take out one nicotine pouch. The pouch fits neatly under your top or bottom lip, or position one of the mini pouches to the side of your lip for a natural feel. Once in place, the nicotine pouch will keep a low profile even when you talk, laugh or drink.
  2. To begin with, you may feel an initial tingling sensation in your mouth. This tingling sensation is normal and occurs when the refreshing mix of flavours is released from the pouch. The initial tingling sensation usually lasts for 15 up to minutes. It will then stabilize so you can enjoy the steady delivery of nicotine. If you’re new to nicotine pouches, you might find the nicotine pouches strong at first. To begin with, we recommend keeping it in your mouth for a maximum time of 15 minutes. 
  3. Your fresh nicotine experience will last for around an hour. Nordic spirit regular users will know how the mini pouches can provide a satisfying nicotine experience. Relax at home or stay on the move. You can drink, sing and talk while using Nordic Spirit pouches. 
  4. After 60 minutes, you can remove the tobacco-free nicotine pouch from your mouth. The mini pouches are non-recyclable, make sure they go into the general waste bin once used. Keep used pouches in the top lid of the Nordic Spirit container if you cannot dispose of them immediately.


Nordic Spirit flavours


Inspired by the Nordic landscape, choose from a great range of flavours. 

For a stronger nicotine delivery, go for the 9mg, 11mg or 12mg option.

Bergamot Wildberry – a berry citrus flavour with a fruity kick. If you’re a Nordic Spirit regular, you’ll know that this sweet flavour delivers a more intense sensation.

Nordic Spirit mint – this smooth mint flavour is a refreshing mix of menthol and crisp peppermint that delivers a fresh nicotine experience.

Nordic Spirit Spearmint – Menthol freshness and sweet-tasting spearmint. This is one of the most popular Nordic Spirit flavours. 

Nordic Spirit Elderflower – inspired by the Nordic landscape, this wild-elderflower flavour nicotine pouch delivers a refreshing flavour.


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Your Nordic Spirit questions answered:


How many Nordic Spirits can you have a day?


A Nordic Spirit pouch lasts for sixty minutes. Use one whenever you need a nicotine experience. You should not need more than one hour. Users will find that a tin can last anywhere from a couple of days through to a week depending on usage levels.


Are there any side effects with Nordic Spirit?


Nicotine pouches can have side effects. These include, but are not limited to:

- Irritation of the gums and upper lip

- Sore mouth

- Hiccups

- Nausea

- Upset stomach


Does Nordic Spirit help to quit smoking?


If you want to quit smoking, nicotine pouches are a popular option. While Nordic Spirit pouches don’t provide a stronger nicotine delivery, they give you a full-strength smoke-free, nicotine experience without the tobacco. They are for use by existing smokers or vapers aged 18 and over. 


“I tried the first one to see how they worked and attempted a cigarette after, not possible - my body just wouldn’t allow it! So I’m now a week into using two a day and I haven’t smoked a single cigarette they work!”


Joshua – source TrustPilot

How long do you keep Nordic Spirit in your mouth?

We recommend keeping it in your mouth for no longer than 60 minutes. For first-time users we recommend up to 15 minutes.


How many pouches are in Nordic Spirit?

Each pack contains 20 pouches. Nordic Spirit ingredients include plant-based fibres, flavourings, nicotine and gum base. 


Can you drink with Nordic Spirit Nicotine?

You can drink with Nordic Spirit. You can also sing, talk and dance the night away – they fit into your busy life. 


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