Introducing the Bull Brand E-Liquid Flavours

Introducing the Bull Brand E-Liquid Flavours

You may remember that back in July we announced the launch of the new Bull Brand E-Liquids, these exciting new E-Liquid flavours have now been available for a number of months. In order to bring the Bull Brand E-Liquids flavours to market we’ve being working with leading industry experts and vapers to create products we’re really proud of. Whilst we’ve developed the products to be priced at the usual great price points you’d expect from Bull Brand, there’s been no cut backs in regards to quality. We’ve had great feedback in regards to the quality of the products, from the flavour profile to the performance of the E-Liquid.

The launch of the new E-Liquids took the form of two unique ranges; Happy Days and Hazy Dayz.

Happy Days actually replaced the original Bull Brand range, regular vapers of the Bull Brand E-Liquid will be happy to hear we didn’t change a thing apart from the packaging. The same great product filled the little bottles, just with a different label.

All the Happy Days products contain 18mg of Nicotine and the range is made up of 8 great flavours. These flavours are currently:

Happy Days Berry Burst

Happy Days Fruit Fusion

Happy Days Lemon & Lime

Happy Days Menthol Cool Mint

Happy Days Pepper Mint

Happy Days Strawberry Mint

Happy Days Summer Fruits

Happy Days Virginia Tobacco

Hazy Dayz is currently our flagship brand, we’ve pitched this product to stand out from the crowd and whilst a touch more expensive we feel this E-Liquid stands side by side with the best E-Liquids on the market. The 70%VG and 30%PG ratio ensures a great blend of vape and flavour for you to enjoy.

The smaller range has a few variants, specifically in reference to the nicotine content of the product. All the E-Liquid flavours come in 3mg whilst others have a 6mg option. The flavours are:

Hazy Dayz Kiwi and Strawberry 3mg

Hazy Dayz Kiwi and Strawberry 6mg

Hazy Dayz Blue Raspberry 3mg

Hazy Dayz Blue Raspberry 6mg

We’re got big plans ahead for our E-Liquids so make sure you watch this space for the release of more E-Liquid flavours!