Is CBD legal?

Is CBD legal?

The short answer is yes. However, it's not always that clear. CBD products can now be bought from many high street shops and online. With positive medical results regularly being released, the general awareness of benefits of CBD is increasing quickly.

CBD and the law

While CBD is now readily available and assumed to be legal, this is not always the case. Should the substance contain a restricted cannabinoid found in hemp such as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), it will fall foul of UK laws. The reason behind this is that THC and other substances are controlled because they are the physco-active element which causes the 'high' when consumed. Commonly found in marijuana in high levels, this is the reason the planted is recreationally smoked and why it sits on government drug lists.

Bull Brand is yet to release any CBD products. However, we have now been working on a range of products for nearly a year. During this development process, we've worked hard to ensure our CBD products do not contain THC, while it's near impossible to remove all THC, our products contain trace or under. This classification means that Bull Brand products are legal and above board.

How Bull Brand test CBD products

To ensure the quality and chemical make up of our products we have implemented a number of steps. Firstly our products use a variety of hemp plant called Sativa. Naturally, this product has low levels of THC meaning there's less to worry about during extraction. During extraction, we then use a specialist Co2 method to cool the plant and oil. This process results in the purest CBD oil with minimum contaminants.

Finally, as we further process the product to the final consumable, we run internal and external chemical evaluations on our CBD products. We have heavily invested in a chemical analyser that checks the physical make-up of the CBD oil. This analysis confirms the quality and the compounds present allowing us to ensure each batch meets stringent UK laws. Secondly, we then have batches certified by a well-known university laboratory to verify our results. All this means we can rest assured that our products are not only of superior quality to many CBD products on the market but also legal.

Our commitment at Bull Brand to providing the best smoking accessories and E-Liquid products is second to none. A CBD range of E-Liquids will shortly be hitting the shelves. Like all Bull Brand products you know they will be at a price you love. Keep your eyes peeled; it's happening soon!