It's launched: CBD E-Liquid

Great news! CBD E-Liquid is now available to order here at Bull Brand. We're so excited we might do a little dance. We have developed three great flavours for you to try; Mixed Berry, Menthol and Unflavoured Mixer. 

We want everyone to be able to enjoy CBD, many products are prohibitively expensive, so at just £6 for a single 10ml bottle the price puts it way ahead of the competitors for value for money. But don't think we've skimped on the quality. Oh no! Our CBD oil comes from the Cannabinoid rich Sativa hemp plant, grown without pesticides in contaminant-free soil on fully licensed US farms. We work closely with these farms to ensure the quality of the raw ingredients. We then use the most expensive extraction method to obtain the CBD oil, processing it to ensure the purity and that it is THC free to meet UK laws.

CBD is thought to have many beneficial properties from anxiety relief to subduing pain. Want to know more? Well, we've created a handy guide for you to get the low down on CBD. Read it by clicking here.

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