Menthol Cigarette and Hand Rolling Tobacco Ban May 2020

Menthol Cigarette and Hand Rolling Tobacco Ban May 2020

As many of you may have heard, there is a ban coming up to stop the sale of all Menthol Cigarettes and Menthol Hand-Rolling Tobacco. The ban stems from new EU Tobacco Product Directive laws, which restricts the sale of these products, these laws will come into effect on May 20th, 2020.

At Bull Brand, we will be required to stop selling our popular Alluvé Green cigarettes. Up until the deadline of the 20th May, we will continue to sell the Alluvé Green cigarettes.

On a positive note, this legislation only impacts flavoured cigarettes and flavoured Hand Rolling Tobacco; this means only one product will be discontinued here at Bull Brand - Alluvé Green cigarettes. You will still have access to our extensive range of flavoured and menthol products that include the hand-rolling options of menthol filters and menthol, and Blue Ice flavoured crushball filters.

Blue ice capsule filter tips

We also stock a range of tubing lines from Gizeh and Mascotte both in menthol and in standard size tubes; if that wasn't enough, we also have three other flavour options from Frutta and MCT. For those that enjoy super-slim tubes (similar to our Alluve Green), we have Korona menthol Tubes. Finally, for pipe smokers, we have our Bayside menthol pipe cut that will remain available after the ban.

Please feel free to browse our online store or get in touch should you have any questions.