Sioux Pipe Tobacco

New Tobacco available for online orders in the UK!

Here at we regularly are getting new products on our online shop, great tasting E-Liquids, papers from our friends at Mascotte and Gizeh as well as new accessories. However, one thing we don't often get is new types of tobacco. 

We're very careful about the tobacco we sell at Bull Brand, we stock pipe tobacco, hand rolling tobacco and tubing tobacco. All have slight variances that make them perfect for the specific uses they've been 'designed' to fulfil. When adding a new tobacco it has to have a unique selling point as well as be available at a price that our customers will like. Our most recent addition was the Manitou Green tobacco, known in other regions as Manitou Organic, we brought this tobacco into the fold because of its huge following and because there's very little else like it on the market.

This brings us nicely onto Sioux, our newest, shiniest (it's no shiny to be clear)  tobacco to be added to the Bull Brand herd. It's a dry volume pipe tobacco. With a bold native American logo you're certainly getting a bold flavourful tobacco. At its core, it is a pipe tobacco. Cut more roughly and in longer strands than hand rolling tobacco, the 'shag' style ribbons are ideally suited to use in a pipe.

Unusually, a bit like our Ashford tobacco (that's for tubing), Sioux is also a volume tobacco. All this means is that the tobacco has been rapidly heated and cooled during the production process to give it more mass. The end result? You use less per smoke and get better value for money.

What else is interesting is that, like Manitou, it is completely additive free. Manitou is a premium additive free hand rolling tobacco, so this is our first additive free pipe tobacco. 

Sioux is hitting our shelves in Early May 2019 and is a tobacco we think many of our customers will enjoy. Available in 50g tubs this dry volume tobacco is recommended to be used with a Mascotte Hydrostone in order to introduce a little bit of moisture. We think it's going to be a big hit, our European cousins seem to like it so we're sure you will too.