Our top 5 filter tip options

Our top 5 filter tip options

You may have noticed that Bull Brand is one of the largest importers and purveyors of filter tips in the United Kingdom. With a range of this size, it's easy to become confused over which filter tips are the best match for hand-rolling cigarettes. 


In an attempt streamline your selection we've highlighted five different packs of filter tips which we feel are unique (in their own right) and work to serve a purpose. These are not necessarily the best selling tips or listed in any order, other than they are five products we wanted to highlight. 

Bull Brand Extra Slim Duo Pack

Firstly these filter tips (and papers) are a seriously convenient pack, supplied with enough papers and Extra-Slim Filter tips for 150 smokes; you won't go without. The box is a handy size, roughly about the same size as a twenty pack, they'll slip into any pocket meaning you can take them with you. At £1 they are also excellent value. 

Gizeh Paper Filter Tips

Flat sheets of fine card in a simple book are ready to roll in your smoke. Allowing for an unadulterated smoke, the paper filter tip also allows you to smoke right to the end of the tobacco ensuring you don't waste any. Small and compact these little filter tips allow serious customisation of your smoking experience.

Mascotte Slim Organic Filter Tips

We're always being encouraged to recycle more, drive less and be 'greener.' With that in mind, this ethos can be applied to your smoke. The Mascotte Slim Organic Filter Tips are made from unbleached natural cellulose meaning that they easily biodegrade. If you've got a garden, you can even stick them on the compost heap! Coming in at 80p for 120 tips, being green doesn't have to cost the earth. 

Bull Brand Extra Slim Pop Out Filter Tips

126 extra slim filter tips are slotted into the slimline box. Unwrapped tips are encased in cellophane sticks, by simply nipping below the top tip you can pop out a clean ready to roll filter tip.  These are a customer favourite, with a three pack selling for £1.20 these tips represent huge value and quality from Bull Brand. 

Kiff Products King Sized Cones

Six pre-rolled cones with paper filter tip are neatly stacked into this cool pack. While not strictly just a filter tip we felt they were worth a mention. No more hassle with rolling, simply stuff your tobacco into the pre-rolled cone and light up, we've even provided a little 'prodder' to ensure your tobacco reaches the bottom. 
There it is, our snapshot of some of our favourite filter tips on the Bull Brand website. We've only covered a fraction of the filter tips available, so if you're looking for something else, please speak with our team.