Man smoking pipe tobacco

Pipe Tobacco available on Bull Brand in the UK

As you all know tobacco comes in various forms, varieties and even flavours! At Bull Brand we're known across the UK for our range of hand rolling supplies, from papers through to ashtrays. 

One thing customers are not always aware of is that we're also a leading importer and seller in the UK of pipe tobacco. Like many of our other tobacco products, we import our pipe tobacco from the famous Von Eiken tobacco manufacturers in Germany. They carefully, select and process tobacco to create a range of tobaccos that are exported around the world. At Bull Brand we bring a hand-picked selection of their pipe tobaccos into the UK for sale to our customers and clients. We've chosen these tobaccos based on their quality, cut and on price to ensure we're meeting the needs of our customers. 

Different pipe tobaccos for sale on Bull Brand 

Not all tobaccos are the same, like making a beer or a recipe for dinner, there are a variety of ways producers can go about it. Focusing specifically on the pipe tobaccos (also known as 'shag' tobaccos) we have three available to buy on our website. All these tobaccos sit under the Bayside brand that we've been selling for a number of years. Within the range we have:

Bayside mixed blend pipe tobacco - gaining 4.5 stars out of 5, this is a really popular pipe tobacco. A medium strength flavour means it's not too harsh allowing you to enjoy your smoke. The blend burns slowly and is shipped in a resealable pouch to keep the tobacco fresh. Available in 50g and 25g pouches for £11.50 and £6.15 respectively, it represents great value and quality. 


Bayside Virginia blend mixed pipe tobacco - another well-rated pipe tobacco with 4 out of 5 stars. The Bayside Virginia blend uses the finest Virginian tobacco, the best-cured tobacco is selected and then blended using traditional methods to create a mellow and smooth smoke that is bound to be enjoyed. We offer for sale  Bayside in three pack sizes; 25g (£6.15), 50g (£11.50) or 100g (£21.10). 


Bayside Green pipe tobacco - is unique within the range, it is flavoured pipe tobacco. Infused with a fresh menthol flavour, the natural tobacco flavours blend well with the cool mint hit. It's relatively new to us but seems to be growing a following, available in 25g pouches for £6.20.

Why is pipe tobacco cheaper than hand rolling tobacco?

It all boils down to tax. In the UK a heavy duty is applied to cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco. This cost must legally be passed onto the end user who sees their smoking tobacco get increasingly expensive. Each year we wait with bated breath for the Chancellors budget, where, usually the tax on tobacco is increased. Often only by a few pence, however, year on year rises have seen the price of cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco increase. In fact, since around 1660 tobacco has been taxed on these shores! However, pipe tobacco falls into a slightly different category of tobacco and receives a smaller amount of tax, thus making it a little bit cheaper.