Plain Packaging comes into force

Plain packaging on tobacco products is now in force, this means that tobacco must be sold in standardised green packaging overlaid with graphic warnings of the dangers of smoking. These rules that are designed to prevent young people taking up the habit come into full effect in the UK. Even e-cigarettes are included in the new legislation, the tank sizes are to be no more than 2ml and with the nicotine strength of liquids limited to 20mg/ml, finally there must be a 30% health warning on the front and back of the packaging. 

Like any normal people we don't like been told what to do, we're all about freedom of choice here at Bull Brand. That's why we stock a huge range of filter tips, accessories, papers and tobacco to give you the options to create your perfect smoke. We also know that this plain packaging is plain ugly, with that in mind we've developed our tobacco tins and rubber cigarette pack cases to help you avoid having to lug around those ugly packs every day.

We know you just want to avoid any hassle, that's why Bull Brand is the ideal place to buy all your smoking accessories and products. Keep up to date with us on Facebook and Instagram but also make sure you sign up to our newsletter to get exclusive offers. 

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