The 2017 budget and us

The 2017 budget and us

It’s been a busy year already, with Trump coming to office, the continued Brexit shenanigans and the on air-swearing during the return of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeway; it’s safe to say it’s been hectic. We do our best here at Bull Brand H.Q. to keep our heads down and just keep rollin’ as best we can. Whilst surrounding ourselves with boxes of filters, papers, tobacco and accessories doesn’t make for the best conversation we tend to ignore the wider world.

However every year we wait with baited breath to see the results of the Chancellor’s budget. Usually our favourite things receive hikes in tax. Booze, fuel and importantly tobacco are easy targets; this never feels good especially on our wallets. But this isn’t a new trend, tobacco has been taxed since 1604 by James 1st.

 In order to further understand the decisions that our elected officials must take; we decided to do a bit of research into the matter of the budget. After embarking on this journey it became clear that we didn’t know much but we began to learn.

As you’ve no doubt being told a million times we’re currently riding a period of austerity, it appears that to help see us through there’s four key things our dear Chancellor must look to address:

  1. Diminishing markets – we’re entering a post-Brexit period of a great unknown. What trade deals will be gained, what will we lose? It’s safe to say no one really knows. The Chancellor must therefore look to plan for the exit to shore up any detrimental effects or exploit any positives.
  2. Improve productivity – we’ve been lagging behind major nations in our productivity over the last 8-9 years. Whether uncertainty has slowed investment in production it’s not clear but the government is key in supporting innovation and investment.
  3. Empty public coffers – how far can cuts go, whether in the NHS or military and other key public services; we are looking down the barrel of the further cuts. Our Chancellor’s challenge is where best to deploy these funds.
  4. Reduced consumer spending ability – with an increase in the cost of goods, from food to luxury items the consumer is feeling the pinch, our money isn’t going as far. This will therefore further limit the economic growth driven by consumer spending. Given that consumer spending is how the UK economy has grown during the last few years, how can we ensure we continue to grow? 

We’re not experts here at Bull Brand, we just hope the elected can safe guard the future of the country and not put the prices up too much on tobacco (please). Whilst whatever we do, it’s clear we’re all getting hit with any increases, a cheeky way round the hikes is to stock up now, we’ve got plenty of tobacco in stock so get yourself a stockpile stashed.

In the meantime we’re going to get back into the warehouse and unpack the 7.5 tons of filter tips that have arrived. We’re regularly shifting box after box of these things but when you stock three of the biggest brands Gizeh, Mascotte and Bull Brand what do you expect.