The art of blending E-Liquid flavours

If you’re even partially aware of E-Liquids you’ll realise that there is a plethora of E-Liquid flavours available. You name it, someone has blended it and people are vaping it. A comment we often hear within the industry is that some flavours are too sweet to vape regularly, with this in mind we’ve always been really careful when blending our flavours. But it’s not a simple process.

Creating a single E-Liquid flavour, for example strawberry is relatively easy. All E-Liquid producers user food flavourings and extracts in order to create their own flavours. In this example the producer simply needs to find a strawberry flavour which they like, some might prefer a deeper longer lasting flavour profile whilst others will look for a sweet sugary hit, as if they’re eating cheap confectionary. It often boils down to personal preference when it comes to making E-Liquid flavours.

However, where it gets a bit tricky and a lot of development time goes into blending E-Liquid flavours. By this we are referring to creating a mix of flavours; for example strawberries and cream or cookie dough and lime. Hours and hours of time go into producing these flavours to get the balance just right. Often this journey can start off with variants which are too sour, too strong, not flavoursome or far too sweet. Whilst the development team will have a good idea on the ratio of flavours it boils down to finding something that works rather than it being an exact science.

Based on the above you can understand why we’re so proud of the Bull Brand E-Liquid flavours. We’ve invested so much time and effort in order to create a product we can stand behind. Our team of industry experts and vapers have spent hours and hours combining flavour profiles to create unique and incredibly tasty E-Liquid flavours for you to enjoy!



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