Mascotte Hydrostone

The Mascotte Hydrostone Accessory On

What actually is the Mascotte Hydrostone? It is a simple little block of specialist terracotta designed to hydrate bags/ pouches and jars of tobacco. Over time tobacco can dry out due evaporation of moisture via the atmosphere. During this drying process, tobacco can lose its flavour and also burn qualities. We often recommend the Mascotte Hydrostone to those smokers who have various different tobaccos and like to regularly change their smoke. Naturally, this means those stashes of tobacco don't get smoked quickly will benefit from the introduction of a hydrostone as it will guard against the spoiling of tobacco. 

The use of the hydrostone is nothing new, when tobacco was first being imported and exported around the world, transportation used to take weeks, if not months. To safeguard this expensive luxury product, shippers used to store the processed tobacco in barrels, however, these barrels weren't perfectly airtight and it was possible for the tobacco to dry out. To combat this, some clever person discovered that if a damp piece of terracotta was placed in the barrel it became possible to ensure the quality of the tobacco.

Whilst packaging has certainly moved on in the last 500 years, the moment the seal is broken on your new pack or tub of tobacco the process of drying out begins. This isn't noticeable for the first week or so, but it becomes more apparent the longer you keep tobacco for. Couple this with changes in UK legislation in regards to the minimum size of pouches (I.E. You can't buy the smaller pouches), customers will be purchasing more tobacco without increasing their consumption. Therefore the Mascotte Hydrostone is a perfect accessory to keep tobacco in tip-top condition, meaning you don't waste money on useless tobacco.  

The Masccote Hydrostone is 100% natural and additive free, it is simple to use too. Simply soak in water for 5 minutes, shake off the excess and pop into your tobacco pouch, within an hour you will start to notice an improvement in dried out tobacco. At £1 this accessory is cheap too, so add it to your next order to ensure you're tobacco is stored perfectly. Click here to buy.