The most popular E-Liquids on

The most popular E-Liquids on

As you can imagine, we sell a lot of E-Liquid on the website. Here at Bull Brand, we've created two ranges of E-Liquids in conjunction with vaping industry experts with the express objective of creating something you'll love. Each flavour is crafted and tested to develop an E-Liquid which blends flavour delivery and cloud generation. 

After a long development period, we settled on the flavours which you can now see and buy on the website. Naturally some flavours sell better than others, if you're new to vaping or simply fancy a change we've listed the top 5 selling E-Liquids.

The E-Liquid flavours

1. Happy Days Menthol Cool Mint 18mg - this is the best-selling E-Liquid by quite some margin. The fresh and almost tingly nature of this blend creates a vape which can be enjoyed in larger quantities. Mint flavoured E-Liquids are a good option for regular vapers. Sweeter and fruiter flavoured E-Liquids can become sickly and even lose the flavour profile over prolonged use. Therefore mint style liquids tend to be a firm favourite of experienced vapers. 

 2. Happy Days Virginia Tobacco 18mg - following on from the menthol comes the Virginia Tobacco E-Liquid. With Happy Days E-Liquids containing 18mg of nicotine, it is the perfect E-Liquid for those wishing to switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping. The stronger nicotine content of this E-Liquid helps those smokers still recieve a good level of nicotine and reduce any withdrawal feelings.

3. Happy Days Berry Burst 18mg - a fruity number comprising of raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry; fans of this E-Liquid love the sweet and refreshing nature of this E-Liquid. Often customers enjoy this E-Liquid when they have a craving for some sugary treats.   

4. Happy Days Peppermint 18mg - another mint flavoured E-Liquid on our top 5 list. This smooth and fresh vaping E-Liquid is rising in popularity as Bull Brand customers test other flavours, moving away from their incumbent E-Liquid flavours. If you're bored of your current mint flavour or just feel like a change then we can thoroughly recommend giving the peppermint a try. 

5. Happy Days Strawberry and Mint 18mg - the perfect balance of mint and strawberry work together to bring you a unique vaping experience from Bull Brand. Customers enjoy this flavour, not overly sweet, and with the refreshing hint of mint it's certainly one which you don't become bored with it. 

There it is, our top 5 E-Liquids, you'll notice that mint flavoured E-Liquids dominate the list. The ease of this flavour to vape on a regular basis probably is reflected in the popularity. We're sure what ever flavour you try, you will enjoy. You can purchase E-Liquids individually or in boxes of 5 from Bull Brand, this allows you to try our flavours without having to stock up. With prices starting at just £2.50 for a single bottle you can vary your vaping experience.