Vapin E-Liquids from Bull Brand

Vapin E-Liquids from Bull Brand

Bull Brand is a busy place, from our warehouses (yes we have multiple) to our webshop office, where we pick and pack all your orders, to our E-Liquid production facility. This particular part of the business has been a place of action for the last few months. All this activity has been for the development of our newest E-Liquid, that we've aptly named Vapin.

On our website, you can already buy all our E-Liquids for delivery in the UK. So we're sure you're wondering, why another E-Liquid.

Vapin is different, whilst we genuinely believe all our E-Liquids are great value, Vapin has been designed from the ground up as a 'value' E-Liquid based around a 6mg nicotine content. At no point does this mean we've skimped on the quality, it's made to the same high standards as any Bull Brand E-Liquid. The difference here is that from the ground up, the Vapin E-Liquids have been developed with scale in mind.

Many of you know that at Bull Brand we supply several major retailers. These big boys demand volume, which when producing a product means we can order large quantities of raw materials. Working in bulk (more than normal on our E-Liquids) has meant that we've been able to reduce the cost of production of Vapin, thus this saving has been passed onto our customers. This translates into large savings, one of our cheaper E-Liquids used to be Happy Days, each 10ml bottle retails for £2.50, but we've been able to get Vapin down to £1.50 per 10ml bottle. Impressive. 

Vapin E-Liquid Flavours

Additionally, to help further reduce cost, we've created nine core flavours for our customers to enjoy. Working with our flavour consultant we think there's a flavour for everyone in the range. From sweet treats to daily go to flavours, we're certain there is a breadth of options for the vaping connoisseur. The range includes the following flavours:

  • Berry Burst
  • Blue Ice (menthol and berry)
  • Sweet Strawberry
  • Menthol
  • Tropical
  • Vanilla Custard
  • Cherry and Menthol
  • Lemon Tart
  • Tobacco

To browse the range click here - whilst the Vapin range is sold in single 10ml bottles you can also buy them in packs of ten, at the bargain price of £14. If that's not enough we also have the clearomiser available to purchase that is designed to fit most standard vape pens. If you've not tried our latest addition yet, we'd suggest you give it a whirl, you'll enjoy it - as will your wallet!