Vaping on the beach

Vaping: Where are the worst places to Vape

Vaping is increasingly getting more popular as an alternative to smoking tobacco. While UK laws restrict the strength of nicotine, there's little else to worry about. However, if you're planning on going abroad this summer, you might need to consider how and where you will use your vaping equipment.

Some countries are as liberal as the UK while others ban the sale or the possession and even the use of E-Liquids and vaping full-stop. One country which might surprise you as being anti-vaping is Thailand. The UK foreign office strongly advises that visitors to Thailand leave their vaping gear behind at home. Why? If caught, vapers might have their possessions confiscated or even be fined and worse sent to prison. Given all the wild parties and hedonistic experiences available in Thailand, it comes as quite a shock that the Thai authorities limit the use of E-Liquids and vaping.

Over in Taiwan, the government have classed e-cigarettes and vaping as a form of drug, this, therefore, means that the import and sale can lead to prison sentences and fines! The Cambodian, Indonesian, Brunei and Singaporean authorities have entirely banned vaping.

South America is also an area of the world that isn't overtly vaping friendly. Argentina and Venezuela are openly hostile to people vaping in public, laws and regulations are reported as being confusing, so it's best to check before you start puffing on your vape pen. Other states such as Uruguay have a blanket ban which means that you can't vape out in public.

Jumping over to the United Arab Emirates, it's illegal to import and or sell vaping products. The reason behind this is that the UAE Ministry for health has decided that because there are no positive health benefits that it's better to ban them outright.

In other countries, the legalities of vaping are less strict. For example in Australia, E-Liquid and vaping is legal but in individual states vaping with nicotine E-Liquids is illegal. Our Finnish friends are even more liberal; they allow building owners to ban smoking in their properties and outdoor environments essentially making it easier for you to know where you stand.

Things are currently in flux, possession or selling of E-Liquids that contain nicotine are viewed as a poison in Hong Kong landing you up to two years in prison but the lines are a bit grey, and it's envisaged that it will be completely illegal in the next couple of years.

As you can see, travelling with your E-Liquids and Vaping equipment can be a headache, it's certainly worth checking out your travel destination to ensure you won't land in hot water when you touch down on the tarmac!