What Are The Best Tobacco Brands for Rolling Cigarettes

What Are The Best Tobacco Brands for Rolling Cigarettes

What Are The Best Tobacco Brands for Rolling Cigarettes, Where Can I Buy Tobacco Online, and How Much Does it Cost?

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This time round, we’ll be looking at a few things relating to hand rolling tobacco, covering the best brands available in the UK, whether or not you can buy hand rolling tobacco online, laws around buying tobacco online, and the cost to buy tobacco in the UK.

Let’s start with the best hand rolling tobacco.

What are the best tobacco brands for rolling cigarettes?

There are many different brands when it comes to hand rolling tobacco, each with their own benefits and different ranges of products available. Amber leaf is one of the more popular tobacco products on the market, particularly in the UK, and they have a wide range of different flavours and styles to choose from.

Take the 30g Amber Leaf Original Hand Rolling Tobacco 3 in 1 kit, which contains tobacco, papers, and filters within the packaging. This is a popular product for a number of reasons, and Amber Leaf is one of the most prominent hand rolling brands in the world as well as the pouch comes with everything you need bar a lighter! Amber Leaf products available at Bull Brand come in a range of different sizes and prices, including the Original 50g Hand Rolling Tobacco Pouch and the 30g Hand Rolling Tobacco Pouch.

Cheap hand rolling tobacco UK

Next up, we have Golden Virginia, another very popular product when it comes to the range of smoking supplies available in the UK. You can buy Golden Virginia Original 30g Pouches online, as well as the Golden Virginia Yellow 50g Pouch.

And that’s just to name a few, we have a huge range of hand rolling tobacco products and product ranges available online to choose from, and each one has its own benefits depending on your tastes.

Take a look for yourself and find your perfect tobacco product today.

Can I order rolling tobacco online?

Yes, it’s very simple to order tobacco online, in fact, you can do so right here with Bull Brand. We stock a massive range of hand rolling tobacco products and a range of other smoking supplies at our online store, and the process couldn’t be simpler for making a purchase.

Take a look for yourself at the hand rolling tobacco we supply or get in touch with our team to ask any questions about the products we have available to buy online.

In order to ensure that people buying tobacco are of age we must verify age, all customers must register with us before being able to buy. Simply by creating an account and submitting some ID we are able to verify your account, this lets your purchase any product from the Bull Brand range.

Is buying tobacco online legal?

Yes, even though a range of new laws were introduced in May 2020 around the legality of menthol cigarettes and various other rules and regulations, buying tobacco online was not part of these changes and remains completely legal.

There’s nothing to indicate that this will change, so yes, it’s perfectly legal to buy tobacco online in the UK. However, you should always make sure you buy from a trusted brand or store, so you don’t receive counterfeit goods or a substandard product. At Bull Brand, we stock the finest tobacco you’re likely to find in the UK, and have been doing so for years.

Find your perfect tobacco to buy online here at Bull Brand today.

How much is a pouch of tobacco in UK?

Prices for pouches of tobacco vary depending on the product you require and the size of pouch you’re looking to purchase.

For example, you can get 30g pouches of Marlboro Gold Hand Rolling Tobacco from as little as £11.90 online at Bull Brand, with prices rising to £16.85 for American Spirit Blue Tobacco or even American Spirit Yellow Tobacco. A good middle ground when it comes to costs of tobacco comes in the form of Cutters Choice 30g, which you can buy online for £14.15 with Bull Brand.

You can also buy 50g pouches of tobacco with prices starting at around £19.60 for JPS Players Easy Rolling Tobacco, up to anywhere from £21 for the Riverstone Easy Rolling 50g Pouch of Tobacco, £23.50 for Pueblo Classic Hand Rolling Tobacco (Loose), up to £27.10 for a 50g pouch of Drum Tobacco.

All of these are available online today with Bull Brand, among many other tobacco products. Take a look at our tobacco range to find your perfect hand rolling tobacco today. 

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