What is Snuff?

What is Snuff?

Today we’re asking (and answering) a common question – what is snuff? It’s one we get from potential snuff users all the time, or fellow smokers looking for other forms of tobacco product.

So, today we’ll explore everything there is to know about the smokeless tobacco that is snuff tobacco, from common flavours to the tobacco leaves used, to where it originated, how it fares compared to smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco.

We’ll also explore terms you might not understand, like snuff bullet, snuff box, nasal mucosa, and fine snuff.

Let’s kick things off with a definition of what snuff is.


What is snuff?

Snuff, also known as tobacco snuff or nasal snuff, is similar to chewing tobacco in that it’s a smokeless tobacco product. However, among its key differences, snuff is inhaled through the nose as opposed to chewed or smoked, which is common with other forms of nicotine or tobacco specific products.


Where is nasal snuff from?

Snuff has a long history, the origins are thought to date back to The Americas, specifically South America in the 17th century.

Using finely ground, selected tobacco leaves, snuff is one of the first tobacco products used in The Americas, alongside fellow smokeless tobacco product, chewing tobacco and of course pipe smoking.


How do you use snuff tobacco?

Questions about using snuff are common at the moment, and we often get asked about snuff taking and how it’s done. Generally, a snuff user will simply sniff snuff, however, there are also devices to assist in the snuff ingestion process, such as a snuff bullet.

Snuff as a smokeless tobacco alternative that is inhaled into your nasal cavity. This isn’t a particularly common way of consuming tobacco products, and dry snuff or moist snuff is unlike any other tobacco product, whether you chew or smoke.


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What is a snuff bullet?

A snuff bullet is a term that people who use snuff will know, but people who prefer other tobacco products might not. Let’s dig a little deeper.

A snuff bullet, in essence, is a small bottle with a plug at its base, hole at the top of, and what’s known as a dosing chamber, which can be altered with more advanced snuff bullet models. Made of plastic, glass, or metal, snuff bottles are a way of ‘portioning’ out snuff before consumption.


What are snuff tobacco brands?

For the best snuff use experience, there are a range of snuff brands to take note of  when considering a snuff purchase.

McChrystals is a leading snuff and smokeless tobacco products specialist, and probably the most popular snuff company in the UK. From assorted flavour snuff mini tins to large snuff tins, as well as individual “Genuine” snuff, we have all kinds of McChrystal snuff in stock today.

Sharrow Snuff is another extremely popular name in the smokeless tobacco game, and we have a range of their products available to buy online today. From Crumbs of Comfort to Dynamite, Gold Label and more, Bull Brand is the place to buy Sharrow Snuff online, with a quick and simple checkout process.

Then there’s the likes of Hedges The Snuff, as well as various other industry leaders like Top Mill and J & H Wilson, who have three snuff products online at our website.

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How to store snuff tobacco.

As well as buying snuff, you can also purchase a Bull Brand Tin to use as a snuff box or more than one to be used as multiple snuff boxes on the Bull Brand website.

Perfect for a place to put your snuff inside, a snuff box by Bull Brand is every snuff lovers best friend, and perfect for moist snuff and dry snuff alike. Most snuff comes with its own tin, but if you have more snuff than you can manage, the Bull Brand tin is a great alternative especially when on the go.

You can also store other tobacco products in the Bull Brand Tin, from ground tobacco and dipping tobacco to other smokeless tobacco products including chewing tobacco.


Snuff tobacco vs chewing tobacco

Nasal snuff users will tell you that when it comes to smokeless tobacco use or an alternative to smoking cigarettes, using snuff is the best alternative for nicotine consumption. However, chewers of tobacco will have different opinions, but how do they differ?

The differences between snuff tobacco and chewing tobacco come down to a lot of things, but primarily, it’s the texture and consumption technique of each of them that make them completely different.

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