What is Volume Tobacco?

This is a question we often get asked, so to help others out we've set out to put into writing: What is volume tobacco?

The name is the real giveaway; it's purely designed to give smokers with an increased 'volume' of tobacco providing them with better value for money. Traditionally used in 'make your own cigarettes', whereby users fill empty tubes to create their own cigarettes, it can be used during hand rolling. However, the nature of the tobacco can make it difficult to hand roll. Some users on online forums suggest using a grinder to create finer tobacco strands to use. 

But...we digress. Volume tobacco is created during the processing of the tobacco; the raw tobacco leaf is dried, then heated and cooled rapidly forming larger strands of tobacco. If you compare volume tobacco with standard rolling tobacco, while the weight will remain the same, you will notice that the volume tobacco takes up more space, it's substantially larger. When making your own cigarettes, this increased size helps fill the tube while maintaining airflow and ensuring not too much tobacco is used.  This helps create the perfect smoke but also is an economical feature. As all smokers are aware, the cost of smoking is ever increasing. Therefore the use of volume tobacco allows a smoker to get more cigarettes for the same amount of tobacco used. 

There are some well-known volume tobaccos on the market, JPS volume tobacco is one that used to be widely smoked. At Bull Brand we stock the Ashford Make Your Own Volume Tobacco, available for £18.30 in 50g tubs we think this tobacco represents real value for money. Don't just take our word for it; our customers have given it 4.5 stars out of 5 on the product page. 

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