What nicotine strength to choose in an E-Liquid

What nicotine strength to choose in an E-Liquid

What nicotine levels should I use when selecting an E-Liquid? This question is asked on a daily basis. With that in mind, this post attempts to try and answer what nicotine strength you should look to have when purchasing an E-Liquid for vaping. 


Nicotine is a core ingredient of E-Liquid, the other elements are flavourings, PG and VG. Flavour comes down to personal preference in an E-Liquid. However, we find that mint and tobacco flavours are the most popular. PG and VG are blended to develop the vaping performance of an E-LIquid, essentially controlling the flavour hit and the amount of vape that is created. 

What is Nicotine?

The nicotine used in E-Liquid is extracted from tobacco plants, hence why it is present in cigarettes and rolling tobacco. As most people know nicotine affects the body, nicotine can increase alertness, elevate mood and calm users. It's also important to remember that nicotine is an addictive substance and one which can be hard to leave behind. We always recommend that if you are not a smoker then taking up vaping should be avoided.

What strengths of E-Liquid are available?

E-Liquid can have a nicotine content of 0mg right up to 24mg. However below we list the common strengths available. 
-0% or 0mg (this has no nicotine)
-0.3% or 3mg (Low)
-0.6% or 6mg (Low to Medium)
-1.2% or 12mg (Medium)
-1.8% or 18mg ( Medium to High)
-2.4% or 24mg (High)
For most smokers converting to E-Liquid vaping we advise a 6mg or 12mg strength, however, heavy smokers might select an 18mg or even a 24mg. We would always suggest working up to a stronger strength to understand what works for you and your needs.
Aside from how heavy a smoker a user is, there are three elements to consider. Taste, throat hit and the smoker's level of nicotine addiction.

E-Liquid taste

Nicotine will affect the flavour profile of an E-Liquid, there are hundreds of different flavours. For example, the Bull Brand Hazy Dayz range has Snake Oil and Vanilla Custard flavours to try. The stronger the nicotine content, the less flavour that will come through when vaped. 

Throat hit

Broadly speaking a higher nicotine content in an E-Liquid will develop a stronger throat hit. Additionally, if you select a higher PG blended E-Liquid, you will taste more of the flavour (PG is the liquid that delivers the flavour in the E-Liquid blend). Any ex-smokers are recommended to try a stronger nicotine E-Liquid with a higher ratio of PG. 

Nicotine addiction

Nicotine can be a hard substance to move away from, so depending on your motives for vaping you will need to select a strength accordingly. Many smokers switching to vaping work to find an E-Liquid that delivers the nicotine they want so often there is a trial and error period. If a user is trying to give up all together, then it's recommended to select a medium strength and gradually work down to a weaker E-Liquid. 
At Bull Brand, our team can help advise you on the right E-Liquid for you. We even sell our bottles individually so you can find a strength and flavour that suits your needs. From our Happy Days range to the jazzy Hazy Dayz we're sure we can find you the perfectly blended E-Liquid.