What's special about Bull Brand E-Liquids

What's special about Bull Brand E-Liquids

Bull Brand E-Liquid Machine



As long-time readers know, we've been in the E-Liquid game for some years now. It became apparent during the late noughties that E-Liquid was going to be big since then we've been working on our range of E-Liquids. This range is currently made up of Hazy Dayz and Happy Days, however, keep an eye peeled as there will be some exciting new brands and flavours landing soon. 

With our history in E-Liquids and our commitment to providing great products at prices our customer's love, we've worked hard to develop E-Liquids which create exceptional taste and performance.

E-Liquid flavour

All our E-Liquids are produced in the UK. We blend VG and PG with the nicotine to create an E-Liquid. At this stage, we then select the food flavourings to add to the mixture to develop the range of E-Liquid flavours you love. Our team work with experts to use flavours that work together to replicate the taste of the real thing. Our flavour suppliers design and develop their a unique range of flavourings which provide a consistent and effective sensory experience for the consumer.

E-Liquid Production

With E-Liquids being classed as a food product, we've had to alter the way we operate at Bull Brand. Never before had we handled products that have are designated as food. This required us to create an environment suitable for food production, with that in mind we installed a cleanroom in our warehouse. Further to this, due to the popularity of Bull Brand E-Liquids, we needed to ensure supply. Many E-Liquids on the market are small batch made, often by hand. However, we had to be able to supply volume and consistency, something all our customers required.
This resulted in the installation of a state of the art blending and bottle filling machine which could accurately blend our E-Liquids and fill hundreds of bottles an hour. After an intensive installation process, we were up and running. Our staff underwent detailed instruction on operation of the machinery; all this combined meant that Bull Brand could produce a stream of E-Liquid at a guaranteed standard ensuring customers continue to enjoy Bull Brand E-Liquids with a wide choice of flavours.

With all the inward investment, great feedback and an increasing range of E-Liquids come from Bull Brand we're excited about the future. If you have any questions about Bull Brand products, please feel free to contact our team. We love talking to our customers and hearing direct feedback!