Which Pipe Tobacco is the best?

Which Pipe Tobacco is the best?

The joy of rolling your own cigarette with hand rolling tobacco or smoking a pipe is that you have the flexibility to choose your accessories to build your personalised smoke. With hand-rolling, you can select from a plethora of rolling papers, filter tips and tobacco. Pipe smoking is somewhat more straightforward in that all is required a pipe, pipe tobacco and a form of ignition. While we won't go into it here, the range of options in regards to pipes is huge, made from a variety of materials and various construction methods each design smokes slightly differently. The Bull Brand Classic Pipe is a simple, cost-effective pipe that matches a standard pipe design is a good starting point if you're getting into pipe smoking and it doesn't cost the earth at only £1.

With your pipe in hand, ready to go, it now comes down to what type of tobacco to use. Firstly you must select a pipe tobacco to ensure you get a proper burn and the full flavour that pipe smoking is renowned for delivering. Pipe tobacco tends to be a blend of tobacco types roughly cut into thicker strips when compared to hand-rolling tobacco. Usually supplied in a 'raw' form, pipe tobacco is produced with fewer additives and provided with a higher level of moisture in ribbons. These production processes create tobacco that burns with a more pungent smell that is often well-matched with other intense flavours such as whiskey and cognac. The stronger aroma and flavours do make pipe smoking harder to get into but aficionados of pipe smoking take their pipe and tobacco selection very seriously, rarely straying away from a preferred and trusted combination of pipe and tobacco brand.

If you're new to pipe smoking, it can be bewildering. At Bull Brand we think our Classic Pipe is a good starting point, it doesn't cost the earth and gives you a flavour (no pun intended) for being a retro pipe smoker. The next step is to select your tobacco, obviously, any hand-rolling tobacco is out of the equation, so you need to start looking at tobacco's titled 'pipe tobacco' or 'shag tobacco'.

Bull Brand Pipe Tobaccos: Buy Online for UK Delivery

At Bull Brand, we have a range of pipe tobaccos, naturally all at a great price but all are fantastic quality whichever you choose. The Bull Brand line up is made up of four ready to smoke pipe tobaccos.

Firstly we have the Bayside Virginia Blend Pipe Tobacco using the finest Virginian tobacco. Bayside select the best flue and cured tobacco, then using traditional production methods a blend is created that produces a smooth and mellow taste. Available in three pack sizes; 25g, 50g or 100g this pipe tobacco is one of our best selling tobacco products.

A recent addition to Bull Brand is the Sioux Tobacco; this is a reduced moisture volume pipe tobacco that is carefully prepared with no additives introduced to the tobacco ribbons. A bold and rich tobacco that is roughly cut, it benefits from being a volume tobacco meaning that you use less tobacco per smoke, because of this process the tobacco benefits from the introduction of a little moisture via a hydrostone.

Bayside Mixed Blend Pipe Tobacco is our next pipe tobacco in the Bull Brand herd. Blended for pipe smokers, this tobacco is quite mild and burns slowly, just like traditional pipe tobacco. An excellent value pipe tobacco it is supplied in a resealable pouch available in 50g and 25g.

The final pipe tobacco available from Bull Brand is another Bayside brand, this Green Tobacco is infused with a menthol flavour to give a uniquely rich and fresh taste when smoked, it's a firm favourite of Bull Brand customers. Coarsely cut this is the ideal tobacco for a pipe smoker who enjoys a menthol hit.

We're sure there's something for you in this lineup and if you have any questions about buy pipe tobacco from Bull Brand get in touch with our team via shop@bullbrand.co.uk.