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Which Pipe Tobacco Is The Best? Our UK Pipe Tobacco Brands

At Bull Brand, we offer a range of pipe tobaccos for pipe smoking, all of exceptional quality from around the world. (Don’t believe us, check the reviews!). Our 2020 tobaccos are all available on our website at great prices.

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Our team have handpicked our pipe tobaccos, whether you like blends or not, with a balance of quality and price, meaning you get a pipe tobacco products that is easy on the wallet and great taste. Unlike rolling tobacco pipe tobacco has a stronger flavour. If you look at pipe tobacco compared to rolling tobacco, you will see that it is a lot more chunky and cut into wider ribbons, whereas rolling tobacco is a lot finer so this all means that when smoking through a pipe it has a slower burn.

With the above in mind, we’ve pulled out some of our favourite loose tobacco and tobacco blends ideal for your pipe that really hits the right taste, aroma and experience.

Our most recent addition would be the Sioux pipe tobacco, this comes in a 50g tub at a low price of £12.50. This is a reduced moisture volume pipe tobacco, which means you use less for the same amount of smokes! This bold rich flavoured loose tobacco can be dry and benefits from the reintroduction of moisture, which is why we would highly recommend using a hydrostone which we have a range of right here on our Bull Brand website.

Sioux Pipe tobacco

Another of our top pipe tobaccos products is the Bayside Virginia Blend, this is available in a 25g pouch for £6.15, 50g pouch for £11.50 and the 100g tub for £22.20. This cured pipe tobacco uses carefully selected tobacco leaves and is a blend using traditional methods to ensure mixture quality, all this produces a mellow and smooth taste. This is one of our more popular pipe tobaccos that we offer on our website, just take a look at the reviews.

Bayside Mixed Blend pipe tobacco is another of our favourites. This medium blend loose tobacco burns slowly allowing you to take your time and enjoy your smoke and taste. This pipe tobacco is available in a 25g pouch for only £6.15 and a 50g pouch for £11.50! Looking for something new? You’d be silly not to try this one out!

Last but not least, our final pipe tobacco is for all those mint lovers, the new Bayside Green pipe tobacco. This pipe tobacco is infused with a menthol flavour to truly compliment the rich depth of the tobacco when your smoking it. This slow-burning tobacco is available in a resealable pouch, designed to keep it fresh, but to help keep the tobacco in perfect condition we would recommend one of our hydrostones, such as the Mascotte hydrostone for only £2. This pipe tobacco is available in a 25g pouch for £6.20 in our online shop.

All our pipe tobacco 2020 recommendations are available on the Bull Brand website, and we ship to the UK and Europe, with delivery starting at just £3.25, something good is going on at Bull Brand Online for Pipe Mixture & Blended Tobacco.