Why buy E-Liquid from Bull Brand?

Why buy E-Liquid from Bull Brand?

Good question! There's many good reasons why you should buy your E-Liquids from Bull Brand. We've been developing and selling our very own E-Liquids for a number of years now. We even have our very own in house state-of-the-art bottling facility that blends and bottles thousands of E-Liquids bottles a week. If you're yet to try one of our brilliant E-Liquids and still need convincing, we've created five reasons why you should forget the rest and only shop with Bull Brand. 

1. Flavours - we've got a metric ton of flavours. However, we work with specialist flavour consultants to not only create great flavours but also develop flavours that customers will love. If you've ever walked into a vape shop, you'll have seen every flavour under the sun. From pumpkin pie to beefy, it's been done. In all honesty, some of them are a bit weird and are a waste of time. After a few puffs on the old vape pen you either realise you don't like them or that you can't vape it a lot. The only problem is that you've spent £10 on a large bottle so feel a little out of pocket. With our flavours we've got a range that you'll love and won't become tired of, if you do want to switch, our 10ml bottles don't leave you with gallons of E-Juice just sat on the shelf. 

2. Different strengths - our E-Liquid range stretches from 0 mg of nicotine right up to 18 mg with everything in between. Our stronger E-Liquids are designed for heavier smokers whilst the weaker nicotine content is perfect for those cutting down on their nicotine intake or who prefer a lesser throat hit. Our blend of PG/VG also perfectly balances flavour and vape cloud, meaning you're always left satisfied. 

3. Amazing value - at Bull Brand we're known for providing great value products, without compromising on quality. We've taken the same care with our UK produced E-Liquids. Unlike many producers we deal with large order quantities that allow us to make significant savings, we pass these onto our customers.  This allows us to sell our products much cheaper than many competitors, easing the burden on your wallet! Our E-Liquids start at £1.50 per 10ml with the most expensive being the CBD E-Liquid at just £6 per 10ml. 

4. Ability to buy in bulk - with Bull Brand being to producer of E-Liquids, we can sell in bulk directly to our customers. Many of our E-Liquids are available to buy in packs of five and even ten. There's some savings for buying this way too, again these are passed directly onto you. 

5. Delivery - ok, so we're not the only online retailer of E-Liquids or other smoking accessories for that matter. However, we have one of the busiest UK online smoking accessory shops in the UK. Therefore we're pretty good at picking, packing and dispatching orders quickly and efficiently. We ship over 1,200 orders each month, working with the Royal Mail, our products arrive quickly and cheaply. You don't even have to leave the house to get your vaping E-Liquid. What's not to like!

So if the above points haven't helped convince you that you should try the Bull Brand range of E-Liquids, then what if we told you we also put a little bit of magic in all our E-Liquids. Would that swing it? Either way it doesn't matter, because it's a lie, but we do put a lot of care and attention into the creation of them. From concept to delivery we work hard to bring the best possible product at the right price to our customers. What are you waiting for give our E-Liquids a try, click here to browse the range.